Press Release 10/17/16 (Kent, Connecticut) – Whether you’re new to Apple products, or are already comfortable with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, this easy, non-technical lecture will reveal many features you may not know of; give you the best tips so you can get the most out of your device; and show you the solutions to the most common mistakes made by newer users – especially those who may have switched from a PC. We’ll also try to answer your most common questions. And, because these devices are now so intertwined – especially with iCloud, iTunes and your Apple ID – we’ll address both the computer software and the smaller devices as a single system.

Let a former Apple Store specialist and technology tutor with years of experience show you the core features you should know, and the shortcuts that might otherwise take months to discover on your own.

Join us for this special workshop on Saturday, November 12, 2:00-4:00 p.m. We’ll cover:

Troubleshooting – on your own, or with Apple’s help

Making your Mac display larger, and easier to view

How to handle threatening pop-up’s about viruses (“Malware”) – even on your phone

How to stop those “Notifications” from constantly popping up on your Mac screen

Apple ID – and why you need one to obtain apps or purchase music and video files

iCloud: what is it? – in fact, what, generally, is “the Cloud” ? How and why to use it

Syncing and backing up your devices and data

Settings menu, and how to customize your device

App Store: how to search for and acquire “apps”

Siri – and why you really should become friends with her

Battery life – best strategies for getting the most out of your device’s power storage

“WiFi” calling, and how you can receive calls even in rural homes that have no cell reception!

Privacy issues – and why you might want to adjust certain settings

Travel tips – to avoid scary charges for inadvertent data usage overseas

Organizing your data, in your own system of folders

Dictation, and the ability to “write” emails and documents by speaking


Apple TV

If you already have an iPhone, iPad or Mac laptop, bring your device to this meeting. Although we won’t have time to conduct step-by-step lessons for everyone, it will be helpful for you to follow along, or to make the occasional change to your device while it’s fresh in your mind.

Come learn some new tricks, find out where you may be going wrong – and, above all, learn to empower yourself, so you’ll be able to broaden your use of these incredible devices, and solve issues on your own.

Your instructor, Kent resident, Michael Jay, is a technology consultant and personal computer tutor, who has partnered with Apple on several projects, and worked with their products for over 30 years. He has taught at NYU graduate school, lectured at Bennington College and SUNY, and is currently an adjunct professor at Stevens Institute of Technology.

This workshop is free & open to public. Seating is limited. Please register. For more information, call 860-927-3761 or go to