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Press Release 5/16/16 (Kent, Connecticut) – China is in the news! It is the world’s second largest economy, producing food for 20% of the world’s population with only 10% of the world’s arable land. It is a member of the world’s select nuclear club. Critical issues today include the South China Seas, China’s new law on Foreign NGOs, Cybersecurity, the Asian Infrastructure Bank and the progress of the Bilateral Investment Treaty with the US. Given these realities, China is a country whose leadership must be reckoned with. Today’s President of China, Xi Jinping, has been likened to an emperor in dynastic China, and to Mao Zedong in the way he has created a “cult of personality” for himself. This multifaceted characterization of President Xi will be examined as it impacts our understanding of China today and for the future.

Exploring this topic is a China scholar, Dr. Karla W. Simon, of the US-Asia Law Institute at NYU. Dr. Baxer from the UNA will introduce the program. Dr. Simon (L.L.M., NYU) is Chairperson of ICCSL and Affiliated Scholar at NYU’s US-Asia Law Institute. After retiring from full-time teaching, Simon was Research Professor of Law at the Columbus School of Law, Catholic University of America as well as Research Fellow at the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies of Harvard University. In the context of her work, she follows all aspects of developments in China very closely. Simon’s scholarly interests include comparative civil society law, with focus principally on China. Her many articles have been published in the Journal of Chinese Law, the Journal of Japanese Law, the Fordham International Law Journal, and the International Journal of Civil Society Law. She has authored over ten books and book chapters, most focusing on legal issues affecting civil society. Her latest book is titled Civil Society in China: A Legal Analysis from Ancient Times to the “New Reform Era” (Oxford University Press 2013). She is co-founder (with Dr. Leon Irish) of the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL, 1992, and she served as its first President from 1992-1996) and of the International Center for Charity Sector Law (, 2002).

Join us on Saturday, June 4, 2:00-4:00 p.m. for this special program presented by Kent Memorial Library & United Nations Association of Connecticut. There will be a wine and cheese reception following the presentation.

This program is free & open to public. Donations always accepted. Please register. For more information, call 860-927-3761 or go to