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Heather Scofield’s “Kinetic Fields” @ KML

Press Release 10/28/15 (Kent, Connecticut) – The Kent Memorial Library is pleased to announce that Kent artist Heather Scofield will have her paintings displayed in the Library’s Gallery from November 2 through December 28 in an exhibit titled “Kinetic Fields.”

Having grown up in an urban/suburban setting outside of Cleveland, Ohio, Heather has always craved open, undeveloped natural landscapes. She started painting in the early 1990s.

“For the past 20 years I’ve been lucky to live in rural Connecticut and Maine, where the natural world is ever present,” says Scofield. “Moving to New England inspired me to begin painting, so I could capture on canvas my impressions and feelings about this beautiful part of the world. The landscapes I am intrigued by are full of color and light, of lines and shadows and of sky.  I am especially drawn to the sculptural shapes and lines and varied colors of all trees from birches to sycamores.  I am moved to represent them because of my continual fascination with their multifarious qualities.” she  continues.

Scofield’s paintings have been described as “kinetic and bold” and “vibrating with color and movement.” She paints both on site and from her imagination, sometimes using both techniques for one piece. She applies color thickly and is not afraid to break aesthetic conventions.

A spiritual dimension also informs her work. When she is in the process of creating, she is connecting with something beyond herself: large, eternal and benevolent. Because this dimension abides in nature all around her, she is continually pushed to portray her impressions of it on canvas.

Her influences range from the Impressionists, to Thomas Hart Benton, to Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven painters to Charles Burchfield.

Heather, her husband Curtis, and their 3 children live in Kent. Curtis is an art teacher at Kent School, daughter Bianca attends Connecticut College, son Sammy is between high school and college studying in Wales, and 10-year-old Lily, is a student at Kent Center School.

In 2002 & 2003 Heather served as the Children’s Librarian at the Kent Memorial Library. She says “I loved the job but became an expectant mother again, this time with my daughter, Lily. Of course that took prescedent,” laughs Heather.

Heather can now be found working at B. Johnstones in Kent and sometimes the Ober Gallery also in Kent. Her work was most recently seen as part of an exhibit of 95 contemporary artists called “Meeting Past” at Akin Library and Museums in Pawling, NY.

Please join us on Saturday evening, November 28 from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. during Kent’s Champagne Stroll to meet the artist. The program is free and open to the public.