(as of June 23)


Karen and Lewis Altfest

Sharon Hartwick and Anthony Antonios

Mark Amsterdam

Amy Attas and Stephen Shapiro

Susan and Ned Babbitt

Barbara Bacewicz and Joseph Baxer

Catherine and Bill Bachrach

Elizabeth and John Baker

Anne Bass and Julian Lethbridge

Gini and Jim Blackketter

Janette and Marc Bornn

Ciara Burnham and Peter DeNunzio

Bennett Capers and Seth Forman

Barbara Lukash and Ben Cohen

Ellen and Casey Cogut

Leslie and Donald Connery

Charmian Place and Kenneth Cooper

Beth and Richard Davis

Annette de la Renta

Sandra Edelman and Burt Visotzky

Allan Eggleston and Roger Ross

Susan and Victor Fink

Mara Fizdale

Victoria and Charles Gelber

Ira Goldspiel

Lawrence Timmins and Peter Grossman

Agnes Gund

Lynn Perry and Michael Hallows

Victoria Hamilton and John Slowik

Barbara and Peter Hearst

Nina Henderson and Dr. Roger Branson

Jill and George Hetson

Jane Brown and Richard Hibbard

Alice and Jim Hicks

Ellen and Jean-Marie Horovitz

Nancy and Dr. Henry Kissinger

Jane and Charles Klein

Joan Larned

Michaela Lawrence

Carol and Robert Lenz

Carol and Robert Linn

Ann Lozman and Jay Harris

Kathryn McAuliffe and Jay Kriegel

Wendy and Jack Murphy

Roz and Rudy Molho

Sharon and James Norton

Ruth O’Meara

Judy and Jim Perkins

Leslie and Robert Powell

Jackie Markham and Allan Priaulx

Janet and Larry Rivkin

Sylvia and John Rodman

Mickey Rolfe and Bruce Tracy

Donna and Ben Rosen

Laura and Peter Rothschild

Betty Ruddy

Julia and Jim Samartini

Cathy and Mark Sebetic

Lisa and Matt Sippel

Margaret Theobald

Gail and Jerry Tobin

Katherine and James Vick

Rita and Marc Weingarten

Hiram Williams and Peter Vaughn

Alicia and Matthew Winter

Jennifer and John Youngblood

Jane Suttell and Gabriel Zatlin

Sally and Tony Zunino



Kent Lions Club

Kent School

Union Savings Bank

William Perotti & Sons, Inc.

William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty