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Karen Bahrenburg
My Parents taught me to love nature and encouraged my interest in drawing and painting.  When the time came to choose a career however, it was science first and motherhood later that won the game.  Eventually during an art class held at Innisfree Gardens thirty years ago, a wise and caring art instructor suggested I try pastels – since then my forever love of nature is expressed in my landscape paintings.
Julie Czerenda
As an artist, I make what pleases me, speaks to me, and affirms my spirit and beliefs. Whatever the piece, it’s all about looking inside, tapping into that and working with what I find.
Dorli Di Gregorio
I started drawing in middle age after receiving a tempting brochure from an adult school in New Jersey where I lived. It read, “If you thought you could never draw, think again and join our class.” I joined, progressed to watercolor, pastel, then oils. I always had a sense for composition and loved photography. That brochure opened new possibilities…..
Kathy Flynn
Our beautiful world inspires me, a New Milford artist. I paint in all mediums, creating still lifes, landscapes, waterscapes, and abstracts. Painting quiets my active mind, giving space for my inner voice. Magic happens as the blank canvas blooms to life.
Janet Greco
It has always intrigued me how color and form can be interpreted in so many different and interesting ways. I’ve loved trying to figure out who I am as an artist.
Kathy L’Hommedieu
My art is created from memories and moments. We live in a part of the country that is filled with inspiration no matter where you look.
Sue Lopardo
I started painting after retiring from teaching. I have worked in watercolor, acrylic and oils. My paintings have shown at Kent Art Association, Columbia Community College and the Kent Memorial Library. Many of my paintings are hanging at four senior citizen homes in CT and NY.
Melinda Melycher
I joined a painting class as a way to meet people. I’ve met really great people and have fallen in love with painting.
Lucy Pierpont
From my earliest recollections, art has always been in the forefront. I chose the graphic design route where I spent my career. Now art embodies my life through friends, work, play and travel.
Heather Scofield
My artistic journey began in the urban outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio, where a yearning for open, untouched natural landscapes took root within me. Relocating to the countryside of Northwestern Connecticut (Kent) deepened my appreciation for the beauty that surrounded me.  The profound impact of these diverse and captivating landscapes led me to embrace the art of painting.
Carla Shere
Art has always been a great influence in my life from elementary school until now. In my free time I can be found at art museums, reading about art or making art. My art making uses color, light and line always. Using these three elements in abstracting the landscape is key to the visual effect in my work.
Samantha Steinmetz
I’ve always had a voice inside telling me to paint. I only started listening to that voice a couple years ago. It’s been the best decision of my life.
Deana Tierney May
I’ve been a creative soul since I was a little girl who began painting formally in the Spring of 2023 after taking classes at the Washington Art Association. My work seeks to explore the juxtaposition of our human impact on the natural world and vice versa.
Estelle Trabucco
I just dove back into painting after a 15-year hiatus with an even bigger desire to create, have fun, and escape the world’s upsetting events. My daily strolls in the woods are a big source of inspiration when I am painting landscapes, and music inspires my abstract work.
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