Steve’s exposure to the beauty and wonder of the natural world began playing in the woods and on the water. His school years of math and science fulfilled a fascination. Decades of residential construction have integrated good building skills into Steve’s repertoire. Then came the realization that art has a more Complex understanding and greater expression of our ways and days on planet Earth. Self-taught through observation and experimentation this Connecticut Yankee likes to start with an idea and fill in the steps as they develop. Putting together shapes and forms from his surrounding Steve hopes to convey a little enjoyment and nourishment for the soul from the soul. Counter to the current of prevailing tech culture these pieces of furniture and mobiles help sustain the beauty and wonder of our natural world. One original is worth a mouthful of reproductions.

Barbara Dull has been weaving cloth nearly 48 years for her business, Woven Together.

Throughout her life, Barbara has met so many creative teachers, students, and fellow fiber friends who have enriched her weaving experience. She is grateful to be a part of the most ancient art form and to have used all she has learned from others to refine her own methods and original designs to be woven into wearable art.

Most of Barbara’s inspirations come from the colors in nature. Living in Northwestern Connecticut offers the hues of autumn foliage, sunlit mist on local ponds, many birds and other wildlife right out her back door. A small space in the 1883 barn is the cozy studio. The larger room is in the spacious hand-built home by her husband Steve, this is where most of her weaving takes place. Barbara collects and selects hand dyed and various textured yarn for every woven piece. Each fiber is then threaded onto the loom, handwoven and carefully finished. These blends of fibers represent a collection of one-of-a-kind wearable handwoven pieces of art:

Woven Together by Barbara Dull.