The Friends of Kent Memorial Library is a volunteer organization. Friends are people, like you, who take pride in their Library and through their volunteer services assist the Board and staff to support the Library’s daily operations, programs and fund raising activities. The Friends work in cooperation with the Library staff to shelve books, run the circulation desk, recover books, weed the collection and inform the community about the excellent services and activities provided by the Library. They help in maintaining the interior and exterior of our facility. Friends help with many fundraising projects such as the Summer Book Sale, the annual Benefit party, the Car Raffle and other efforts to secure funds from private sources and other granting agencies necessary to maintain the service level of the Library.

Being a Friend

Your participation in Friends is easy. Just click here and complete the form or contact Friends Chair Roz Molho at

The Friends of the Kent Memorial Library support a strong library system. We want our library to be as good as it can possibly be, to make Kent a better town and to improve all of our lives. Your participation indicates that you are part of a growing group who care enough about the Library to be a “friend”.