Library Staff

Library Director: Sarah Marshall

Adult Programs and Special Events Director: Brittany McAllister

Technical Services/Circulation Supervisor: Mary Ellen Casey

KMLJunior Room General information: KMLJuniorRoom

Co-director of Children’s Services: Deborah Moerschell

Marketing: Lucy C. Pierpont

Administrative Secretary: Maria LaFontan

Circulation Assistant: Bethel Carlson


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Kent Library Association Board


Co-President: Jim Blackketter
Co-President: Sandra Edelman
Vice President: Sharon Hartwick
Treasurer: John Y.G. Walker, III
Secretary: Michaela Lawrence


Janette Bornn
Ellen Horovitz
Carol Linn
Rudy Molho
Paul-Henri Nargeolet
Sharon Norton
Ruth O’Meara
Janet Rivkin
Eric Roper
Betty Ruddy
Julie Saxton
Dana Slaughter
Rick Vizzari
John Youngblood


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