Purpose of the Kent Library Association

The Purpose of the Kent Library Association is to provide the resources needed to ensure that the Kent Memorial Library accomplishes and adheres to its mission.


The Kent Memorial Library’s Mission

Kent Memorial Library provides a center for collaborative engagement, education and enrichment for the greater Kent community.


The Kent Memorial Library’s Vision

 As the Kent Memorial Library approaches the centennial of its founding, we look forward to our future role as a dynamic community hub, where people of all ages and backgrounds can connect with each other and with ideas and information.  With expanded and remodeled facilities, we will host programs in a large community room that will be outfitted with up-to-date technology, audio and video systems.  Smaller meeting rooms will provide an inviting place to read quietly or work away from home with high level computer connectivity.  The Library will play a vital role in strengthening and sustaining the attachment of families to the Town, with programs and activities that will attract children of all ages who live in Kent and surrounding communities, while also serving a growing senior population.  We will increase the staff and continue our focus on volunteer engagement to enable the Library to offer these enhanced services in a larger facility, and we will grow our endowment to ensure the financial stability of the Library for the next one hundred years.