Join us for a special reception at the Library on Saturday, August 7th from 4-6 p.m. Register here.

Thomas Franken is an innovative and imaginative artist and designer. His portfolio encompasses a variety of media including paintings, silk screen prints, collages, creations in wood, and graphic design. Presented in this show for the first time are more than 15 new paintings, all created in the past year. Also in this show is a diverse selection of the artist’s favorite works from over the years.

His creations span abstract and impressionistic styles. They embody the strong use of colors and geometric themes. The inspirations for his paintings come from his imagination and travels. Many are influenced by the dynamic landscapes of the American Southwest, while others draw from natural settings in northeastern United States, as well as Europe. “I want my work to be enjoyed and enrich the lives of people who come to view it. I like when people have differing interpretations of my art and make a personal connection.”

The artist has also evolved a unique style of artistic woodworking, which results in imaginative one-of-a-kind constructions that combine both decorative and functional elements. These “Woodscapes” highlight the beauty and variety of natural wood, supplemented by the artist’s signature painting style.


Over the years, he has created original lines of silk-screened holiday and greeting cards, some exclusively designed for The Metropolitan Opera and UNICEF, with others sold in fine specialty retail stores.


He lives and works in South Kent, CT. and is on the Board of Directors of the Kent Art Association.


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