(Kent, Connecticut) – New to computers? Lots of questions? Don’t have your own computer? Never even touched a computer? The Library will be using its recent addition of 12 laptop computers, donated by Kent Center School, to offer ongoing classes for those who want to start from the beginning. These hands-on classes – in which each patron will have his or her own computer – will let you dive in as a newbie and learn to use a computer on your own

Part 1 will cover: REGISTER

• How to turn it on, and use the “Start” menu
• How to “log in”
• The difference between “Off” and “Sleep”
• What a mouse is
• What a cursor is
• What an icon is
• What an “app” is
• What Wifi is
• The difference between a file and a folder
• How to get on the Internet
• What a USB connector is – and what all those other jacks and plugs are for

Part 2 will cover: REGISTER
• The concept of a “windows”-based personal computer (Yes, this relates to Apple computers, as well, which introduced the concept!).
• Creating a new file, and saving it
• “Save” vs. “Save As”
• “Navigating” among locations in the computer
• Creating folders, and placing documents in them
• Drag-and-drop
• Moving your file to an external “flash drive” (aka “thumb drive”)
• Downloading items from the internet
• Cut, copy, paste
• Keyboard shortcuts

Part 3 will cover: REGISTER
• Microsoft’s “Office” suite, including
• Word (for word processing/writing)
• Excel (to create spreadsheets and manage large amounts of numbers or lists of text…)
• Powerpoint (to create lecture slideshows and other graphical presentations)
• Publisher (to create invitations, newsletters, postcards, signs, labels, ads, business cards, etc.)

Working with such applications means we’ll also learn:
• Cut, Copy, and Paste functions
• Undo·Drag-and-drop
• Keyboard shortcuts
• And a review of how to move your finished file to an external “flash drive” (aka “thumb drive”)

For those using Apple computers, be assured we’ll also look at Apple’s equivalent to Word, Excel and Powerpoint: the Pages, Numbers and Keynote applications. Note that these classes supply Microsoft Windows PC’s – but these general lessons are applicable to all computers. Patrons are also encouraged to bring their own laptops, including Apple Macs.The classes are free and open to the public. Please register. Only 11 students at a time. Note that these classes will use Microsoft Windows PCs – although these general lessons will be applicable to most computers. Please call the Library to register at 860.927.3761. Seating is limited.