Illeana Douglas has long been known for shining new light on forgotten films. Now the celebrated actress and film historian turns her focus to a heretofore unrecognized brand: the Connecticut movie. Told from the passionate perspective of an author who grew up here, Illeana takes the reader on a cinematic road trip through Hollywood history and Connecticut geography, bringing the breezy, intimate, knowledgeable writing style acclaimed by reviewers of her first book, I Blame Dennis Hopper (2015). Illeana defines how the perception of on-screen Connecticut, originally created in Hollywood, has shifted more than that of any other New England state over the decades.

About the Author


Illeana Douglas is an Emmy-nominated actress, writer, producer, and director. She is known for playing fearless and outspoken characters in films like GoodfellasCape FearTo Die ForGrace of My HeartPicture PerfectStir of Echoes, and Ghost World, and on TV in The Larry Sanders ShowAction, Six Feet Under, Entourage, Welcome to SwedenShrill, and Goliath. She wrote, produced, starred, and frequently directed the multi-award-winning, first-ever branded web series, Easy to Assemble.

Illeana is the granddaughter of two-time Academy Award–winning actor Melvyn Douglas. As part of the Turner Classic Movies family, she’s interviewed a pantheon of cinema greats, hosted Funny Ladies and Trailblazing Women, and participated in scores of film documentaries, including CNN: The Movies78/52Greatest Cult Films of All TimeThe True Adventures of Raoul Walsh, and Kino Lorber’s Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers, which she executive-produced and hosted. She’s also a regular contributor to Joe Dante’s Trailers From Hell.

Her first book, I Blame Dennis Hopper: And Other Stories from a Life Lived In and Out of the Movies, received a Kirkus review, and was named “Best Pop Culture Book of 2015” by Entertainment Weekly and one of the “Best New Books” (2015) by People magazine.