The intention of the Kent Land Trust BirdPack is to help you have fun observing and learning about birds while outdoors in Kent.
In it you will find:
1. Raptor brand binoculars
2. Kent Land Trust Bird Scavenger Hunt 2023 Binder (Scavenger Hunt runs from June 1-
August 1, 2023)
a. Contest Instructions
b. Instructions for using Merlin to help identify birds
c. Instructions for using eBird to track your bird observations and contribute community science data
3. Kent Trails: A Hiker’s Guide
4. All About Backyard Birds: Cornell Lab Field Guide
5. Winged Heros For All Birdkind by Mya Thompson and Virginia Greene
6. Am I Like You? by Laura Erickson & Brian Sockin
7. On Eagle’s Cove by Jane Yolk
8. Ruby’s Birds by Mya Thompson

Please return the BirdPack with all contents. Let us know if you find that any of the materials are missing/damaged. Please also let us know your experiences using the BirdPacks including what you saw!

The BirdPack may be checked out for two weeks. Call to renew. You can email Kent Land Trust or through their website contact form. Or post to social media and tag Kent Land Trust @kentlandtrust on Facebook or Instagram!