Allison was born in the midwest, yet moved and spent her high school and college years in Nova Scotia, Canada. She currently resides in South Kent with her children, husband, and animals. Allie is the Barn Manager for High Watch Recovery Center and a facilitator of their equine experiential program at Joy Farm. She has been creating and showing art for the past twenty years.  You can find her online at

“Three and a half years ago, a horse named Zoro changed the course of my life, and he, along with many others, continues to be a source of wisdom on a daily basis. This body of work, “Hoofing It”, is inspired by the healing power of the horse. Each piece starts with a hoofprint in limestone, goes through exploration in color, and manifests into what you see today.  To “hoof it”, whether we walk, mosey, dance, or run, means we still have to put one foot in front of the other, continue on, and trust the process.  Horses give the gift of presence, connection, trust, joy, and loving space, and they are a source of strength in living life one day at a time, from moment to moment. Please enjoy getting to know this herd, Hiro, Zoro, Victory, Star, Moon, Beau, and Briar, as they are magnificent beings.”