Kent Memorial Library in KENT, CT is seeking a Book Sale General Manager (or two Co-Managers) to
manage our summer-long weekend book sale from late May until Oct 22.  One day of paid training will
be needed in May. Further training will take place on the job. Excellent customer service and
organizational skills required, ability to delegate to and coordinate volunteers, plus some heavy lifting of
books required. This is a physically demanding, working managerial position. Previous retail experience
preferred.  Part time, seasonal position, no benefits, approximately 9 hours per day, weather permitting,
on Saturdays, Sundays and holiday Mondays.

Salary dependent on experience and qualifications, $18-$20/hour.  Applications will be accepted through February 28th.

The full job description and application form are posted on our website at .

Send cover letter, application form and resume to Sarah Marshall, Library Director, via e-mail: or mail to Kent Memorial Library, P. O. Box 127, Kent, CT 06757.

Click here for an application form.  Position will remain open until filled.

Kent Memorial Library Book Sale Manager
Managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations.
The Library Director is in charge of all KML operations.
The Book Sale Committee oversees the operation of the book sale. Whenever changes are
proposed or problems arise, a meeting of the book sale committee is called to make decisions.

This position is responsible for making certainthat all volunteers and materials are in place to operate
the Kent Library Association’s booksale each weekend; managing, training and delegating work to volunteers.
The manager works in coordination with the Book Sale Committee to determine openings and closings based on
weather conditions. The position is part time, 18+ hours each week (weather permitting) from
Memorial Day weekend until October 20; Saturdays and Sundays and holiday Mondays 9 – 6
(9 hours per day, including a paid half hour lunch), such as Memorial Day, Independence Day,
Labor Day and Columbus Day, plus some hours during the week doing telephone work from
home (DATES and HOURS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE depending on availability of staff
and volunteers). After Labor Day, the schedule changes to Sat., Sun., and holidays. There may
also be a need for one or two meetings during the winter to prepare for the spring opening. If
two candidates show interest in job sharing the position, the hours would be split accordingly.

Duties include:
 Arrange for coverage by the cashiers and tarpers.
 Be at the book sale during all opening hours and arrive promptly at least half an hour
before the planned opening time.
 Take care of any problems that might arise in a calm manner.
 Make sure there is adequate cash on hand for the cashiers and in the reserve envelope.
 Count the money at the end of each day and secure it as arranged.
 Pick up water and ice as needed.
 Be knowledgeable of the current pricing system in order to price books when needed.
 Each morning, put up the signs and neaten the tables. Check for and remove any wet or
damaged books. Continue neatening throughout the day.
 Make sure all signs are made, are in good condition, and are in the correct place.
 Check for gaps in the outside inventory each day and replace books as needed. This is
one of the most important parts of the job and requires the ability to be on one’s feet
and move large quantities of books.
 Supervise and pay the tarpers.
 Check the booksale at the end of the day to ensure that all tarps are secured correctly
and the book sale area is neat and tidy. If the library is not open, check to make sure
that all doors are closed and locked. Make sure the firehouse doors are secured and all
items are inside that need to be removed from the sale area. The manager should be the
last person to leave.
 At the start/end of the weekend, put up/take down the cashier tent.
 Ensure that on a daily basis the discarded boxes are broken down and taken to the
dumpster by the tarpers if there is room and that the garbage is emptied by the tarpers

 Assist in keeping the firehouse relatively clean and orderly.
 Assist as needed with new donation deliveries during book sale hours.
 Assist with bringing book donations over from the library.
 Interact with customers, volunteers, and staff in a positive and friendly manner.
 Take over the job of tarping if a tarper or volunteer is not available.
 Take over the job of cashier if there are no cashiers or volunteers available. The
manager should only be at the cashier’s table if assistance is needed. If down time is
needed during hot days, the manager can price books in the firehouse while keeping
eyes on the sale.
 The manager is entitled to a half hour lunch break, but must remain on the premises to
 Be alert to the changing weather, check the radar frequently when needed, and
open/close in a timely manner depending on weather conditions. If a decision is made
to close the sale due to weather conditions, notify volunteers, tarpers, and the library.
 Prepare an agenda after consulting with members and run committee meetings.
 Consult with the Library Director as needed. Report any information required. Notify
the director of any problems or needs for the sale.
 Follow the directives of the sale committee. Follow established book sale routines.
Bring all suggested changes in routine to the committee meetings for discussion and a
Tarpers – Job Description
Duties include:
 Arrive 1 hour prior to the official opening time. Check in with the book sale manager before
beginning any tasks and before leaving. Plan to work for 1 hour.
 Uncover tables and place tarps by each table for easy and recognizable access, as
determined by the sale manager. Handle tarps in a careful manner in order to prolong
their life. If there is water on the top of the tarps, handle the tarps in such a manner as
to avoid getting the books or tables wet. Place PVC pipes carefully under the tables.
Use extra time to break down boxes, empty garbage, and put discarded books in the
 Arrive 15 minutes prior to the closing time. Plan to work for 1 hour. Use this initial
time to break down boxes and put them in the dumpster and to empty garbage
containers and to move discarded books into the recycle dumpster. Place signs flat on
the tables near each category. Replace the PVC pipes carefully. Tarp the tables, etc.,
making sure to carefully cover everything. Check to make sure the tarps are centered
properly, fastened securely, and corners are pulled down. Tarpers should check with
the book sale manager before leaving.
 If time allows after the above primary tasks are done, tarpers may be asked to carry
books to restock the tables or to move boxes of books to a variety of locations. Tarpers
may be asked to move wet books to the dumpster. Tarpers may need to move tables or
chairs. Tarpers may be asked to do some cleaning or other tasks as requested by the
book sale manager.