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Summer reading starts June 22nd!


Books to explain the virus to children:

The New York City School Library System has compiled a list of online books in several languages that is constantly being updated. Written for children to help inform them about various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, these books should be read by a parent, caregiver or teacher alongside a child or a small group of children. Several books include websites to find more information. Many thanks to Patricia Sarles for compiling this list and sharing it with other libraries. Patricia Sarles, MA, MLS
Library Operations and Instructional Coordinator,  Brooklyn and Staten Island New York City Department of Education Department of Literacy, Library Services, and AIS

Click here to access all the books:

A coloring book you can print featuring Bad Kitty that tells kids why it is important to wash your hands:

Keeping the City Going
A lovely tribute to all the essential workers who are keeping the city going during the current pandemic.

Videos to explain the coronavirus to children:

There are many videos about the coronavirus online. Adults should preview them before deciding whether or not they are appropriate to show to their children.

Eurac Research:
Narrated by a child, this simple cartoon explains why it is important to wash hands.

Time to Come In, Bear: A Children’s Story About Social Distancing by Kim St. Lawrence, read by Ryan St. Lawrence (Kidshealth.org)
This excellent picture book video explains to very young children how they can still have fun while staying home.

ROBert explains the corona virus to children
This movie uses PLAYMOBIL characters to tell kids what is happening, what we can do to ease the situation, and why it is important to avoid contact with other people.

Dr Panda and Toto:
This optimistic cartoon from China explains a probable cause of Covid-19, it’s affects, and how the body’s immune system tries to fight off the evil virus family.

Germs Are Not for Sharing – book and coloring page
Although it does not refer to the coronavirus, this classic book explains in simple terms how not to spread germs (but you may want to modify the end about blowing a kiss.)

Ping-Pong Chain Reaction to explain the importance of social distancing by the Ohio Board of Health
This 30 second video demonstrates why social distancing works to flatten the curve.

Highlights from CNN and Sesame Street’s coronavirus town hall
In April, CNN partnered with Sesame Street for a series of discussion to give kids the opportunity to learn more about the coronavirus and ask questions. This is a link to several videos featuring Elmo, Big Bird, and other Sesame Street characters that kids can watch to help alleviate some of their fears about the pandemic.

Songs about Washing Hands:

5 Hand Washing Songs Your Preschooler Will Love:
Lyrics for songs sung to popular children’s tunes are included.

How to wash your hands NHS song
This short video demonstrates the way to thoroughly wash hands.

Washing Your Hands: The Purple Paint Demonstration
How to thoroughly wash all parts of your hands.

Sadly, our library is closed due to the pandemic. Please, try out these online resources!

www.TumbleBookLibrary.com – K-6 children’s ebook database
Direct Link: https://www.tumblebooklibrary.com/auto_login.aspx?U=tumble735&P=books
Username: tumble735
Password: books

www.TumbleMath.com – K-6 math ebook database
Direct Link: https://www.tumblemath.com/autologin.aspx?U=tumble2020&P=A3b5c6
Username: tumble2020
Password: A3b5c6

www.TeenBookCloud.com – gr 7-12 ebook database
Direct Link: https://www.teenbookcloud.com/autologin.aspx?U=tumble2020&P=A3b5c6
Username: tumble2020
Password: A3b5c6

1. Starting this week, Kids Listen member podcasts – like What If WorldTumble PodcastNoodle LoafThe Past and the Curious, Cool Facts About AnimalsThe Good Words PodcastBook Club for KidsLittle Bedtime StoriesTimestormCurious Kid Podcast, and Buttons & Figs – will bring you a podcast and an activity based on the episode.

Listen and learn about science, history, animals, music, and language, and then make that learning active with hands-on projects and activities.  You’ll find lesson description at the end of the podcast and, when available, links to printed materials right here!

2. Scholastic has launched a “Learn at Home” website with daily lessons for students from Pre-K to 9th grade.

3. This is a nifty site where kids can explore geometry and have some fun making mandalas.

4. Author Kate Messner shares a read-aloud of THE NEXT PRESIDENT: THE UNEXPECTED BEGINNINGS AND UNWRITTEN FUTURE OF AMERICA’S PRESIDENTS, illustrated by Adam Rex. Writing challenge: After the read-aloud, write your own presidential platform. What changes would you make to your country if you were in charge?

5. Children’s book author and illustrator Dan Santat has created an online survival school for kids!

6. James Burk shows us how to draw the characters from his famous graphic novel series, Bird and Squirrel!

7. Downloadable coloring pages for young readers!

8. A science activity by Star Net!

9. Visit the world of author Oliver Jeffers for story time, games, puzzles and crafts!

10. Kid Lit TV! Pull up this website for fun activities, story times, and radio shows inspired by children’s literature!

11.Museum of Web Art is a fun website to explore and interact with!

12. A collection of videos of story books read by actors!





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