Press Release 3/6/17

(Kent, Connecticut) – The Kent Memorial Library is very excited to be “launching” some new technology. Come try out the Library’s new Launchpads by Playaway. These children’s gaming tablets are pre-loaded with high-quality, ad-free learning apps. Launchpads are 100% secure, there’s no risk of exposure to unintended content like you might find when looking for games on the internet. The Library will circulate them to anyone with a valid Library Card in 30-minute shifts, more, if no one else is waiting. Kids will learn and be entertained! The Library has purchased these new tablets with funds from the Beck Legacy Fund grant for children’s programming and services. If you are interested in trying out these new tablets, ask for them in the junior room or at the front desk.

When asked about the Launchpads, director of children’s services, Sarah Marshall, stated, “We received a grant from the Beck Legacy Fund and wanted to add to the permanent collection verses just paying for events. The Library doesn’t have the space to add computers, and most of our Junior Room computer usage is internet games anyway. The Launchpads provide a safe, curated collection of educational games for kids to play with no ads and no possibility to find unsavory material on the internet. They are portable and lightweight, and, we hope, sturdy enough to withstand library use.”

“We are just starting to build our collection and currently hold a variety of subjects for specific age groups such as Baa, Baa, Who? (English Language Arts for kids pre-k-kindergarten); Plus, It’s Fun! (Math for kids ages 5-7); Minds Go Round (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math for kids 10+); and there are more on order,” Marshall continued.

The tablets have been child-tested with enthusiast reviews, “I love them! They have very cool games.  My favorite is Team UmiZoomi because you get to drive and I never get to do it for real.” raved Tea Radday (7) and Maya Rider (7).

Also parent-tested, “I like that it gets them thinking about things in different ways. I like the problem-solving aspect. They can practice skills they don’t get a chance to practice otherwise.” said parent Adam Radday.

The tablets are ready and waiting for users. Come to the Kent Memorial Library and try them out. The Library’s mission is to enrich the lives of individuals and the community by providing materials, programs, and services to encourage reading, learning and imagination. The Kent Memorial Library is located at 32 North Main Street, Kent, Connecticut. Visit for more information.


Caption: Kent residents Maya Rider, age 7 and Tea Radday, also age 7, test the new Launchpads at Kent Memorial Library.