Learn to Overcome Your Fears and Use Your Personal Devices Like a Teenager

Press Release 6/26/19

(Kent, Connecticut) Many people think they need an advanced degree to do anything beyond the basics with their smart phones or computers. Or, they see teenagers using their tech, and assume that youngsters must be smarter or quicker than themselves. And some older users fear that a single wrong step with their iPhone could erase every photo that every family member has ever taken.

Join us at the Kent Memorial Library on Saturday, July 13, 2:00 p.m. for this positive, non-technical lecture, by a long-time professional tech tutor. We will try to provide perspective on the most common barriers for tech users – especially for older consumers. We’ll discuss the problems seen most frequently in his real-world field work, including how to :

  • Learn to explore confidently
  • Teach yourself to teach yourself about tech
  • Stop over-thinking what are actually easy steps
  • Deal fearlessly with screen alerts
  • and, one word: iCloud…

We’ll also take to time answer questions from attendees about their own most pressing tech issues.

Let a technology tutor and former Apple Store specialist show you how you can change your thinking, and make friends with your tech. Instructor Michael Jay is a technology consultant and educator, who has worked with Apple products and other tech products for over 30 years. He was previously an editor and project manager in Hollywood and New York, and has taught related technology at NYU graduate school and Stevens Institute of Technology. Michael is the owner of TECHsperienced, which provides personal tech tutoring.

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