Thank you for your interest in supporting the Kent Library Association!  We are pleased to offer you an online option to become a new KLA member or renew your membership, using a credit card or a PayPal account.  We are a Section 501c(3) organization, and your donation may be tax deductible.

The Kent Memorial Library needs your 2019 membership support to help sustain a vibrant community center and maintain our historic building. Our membership year runs from October 2018 to October 2019. We hope you will renew your support.

We are not a town department and need your membership support!

We are grateful to the taxpayers and Town of Kent for funding a third of our operating budget. But the Library is not a Town department, and every year we work hard to raise the remaining two-thirds of our budget. This year we are facing the need for major capital improvements, including roof repair, new carpeting, and interior paint. None of these expenses fall into our regular budget. In general, we struggle to keep our building and adjacent Firehouse in good, safe condition.  Your membership contribution will help pay the bills for this essential maintenance and much needed improvements.

Something for everyone

We have children, tweens and teens covered, with programs such as Rhythm & Rhyme story hours for babies, Safe Sitter babysitting training and scavenger hunts for older children, and this past year’s Kent Carnival. For adults, the Library hosts speakers on current topics such as gardening, local wildlife and health issues, and local and internationally-known authors talk about their newest works. We also provide exhibition space for local artists who are not represented by commercial galleries. For local businesses, the Library continues to expand its resources, with a high speed photocopier/scanner/fax and workshops on solving business and technology problems.

We couldn’t do it without the hundreds of volunteers who generously give their time, and now we ask for your financial support to provide you with the best possible Library!

Thank you again for your support.

Printed applications with checks payable to the Kent Library Association can be mailed to this address:
Kent Library Association
P.O. Box 127
Kent, Connecticut 06757-0127

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