Guidelines for KML’s Peep-O-Rama (Peeps Diorama Contest)

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Press Release 3/4/19

(Kent, Connecticut) – This spring the word is Peeps. Beginning in March young and old alike are invited to participate in the KML’s Peep-O-Rama Contest! Participants are encouraged to create a Diorama of Peeps based on anything you can find at the Library (books, magazines, movies, games, etc.) There are two age categories: 14 years and under and 15 years and up. If you need inspiration or ideas for your Peep Diorama, we suggest doing a google image search using the phrase “Peeps Diorama.”

Submit your Diorama and entry form to the circulation desk or Junior Room before 5:30 p.m. on Monday, April 8. Entry forms are available at the Library and on the website. All ages are encouraged to participate (one entry per person). Dioramas should be based on anything you can find at the Library. Diorama sizes should be no larger than 2’ x 2’ (shoebox size is perfect). It must include one or more Peeps in the piece. You may use other materials for Peep costumes and to assemble your scene. Contents of your Diorama must be secure enough to survive transport to locations within the Library. Place your name and age on the back of your Diorama. Include the title on the front of your Diorama (all other contact information should be on separate entry form). Winners will be announced Monday, April 22 after public voting has finished. Come to the Library Tuesday, April 9 through Saturday, April 20 to vote for the ‘Peeples’Choice Award.

The contest is sponsored by the Lakeville Journal, your local community weekly news source.

One of the winning prizes will be a free year’s subscription to The Lakeville Journal.


“We welcome the creative spirit and fun these Dioramas will bring to the Library this spring. We anticipate much laughter,” chuckles Kimberly Seeger, Director of Children’s and Teen Services.