Press Release 10/26/19

(Kent, Connecticut) – Ever wonder how those “plug-in” cars drive with an extension cord running all the way back to the house? Wonder if you need some special type of electricity to charge an electric car at home? Can you really save money – and the environment – with a “clean” car? Find out on Wednesday, November 6 at 6:00 p.m. when the Kent Memorial Library presents Plug-in Cars: The models, the tech, and the myths behind plug-in hybrids and electric cars. Please Register.

Tech consultant Michael Jay has been getting lots of questions about his plug-in car, and he thought he’d share recent insights and examine some myths and common misunderstandings.

This very informal, interactive lecture will discuss:

  • Is Tesla really just a scam? Who else is scamming me?
  • Why is my town giving away free electricity for Plug-in cars – AND WHERE’S MY FREE GAS?
  • What’s safer – a big hulking SUV, or a sporty electric car?
  • Can I really save money with such cars? Um, thousands?
  • How do I find charging stations? (and is there an app for that?…)
  • Can I get an electric or hybrid car with All-Wheel Drive?
  • Can I get a plug-in car for under $100,000? $35,000? Under $20,000? (Guess…)
  • If you never thought that a spreadsheet could be fun, wait ‘til we sort car models based on range, price, features, safety, rebates, and cup holders. And, there will be a brutally frank assessment of Michael’s own car.


Michael Jay is a technology consultant and personal computer tutor, who taught for several years at NYU graduate school and other colleges. Since leaving New York City for the country and founding TECHsperienced, Michael has lectured at over a dozen of Litchfield County libraries and schools, and has been the ongoing tech tutor for Kent Memorial Library. Every night he plugs in his iPhone and his car.