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Press Release 1/29/21

(Kent, Connecticut) – “The ‘historic’ novel is, for me, condemned…. You may multiply the little facts that can be got from pictures & documents, relics & prints, as much as you like – the real thing is almost impossible to do… the invention, the representation of the old consciousness, the soul, the sense, the horizon, the vision of individuals in whose minds half the things that make ours, that make the modern world were non-existent….” Henry James. Quoted in A Chance Meeting.

The Spring 2021 book group will focus on four novels that try to defy James’ admonition. We will consider how and to what extent authors are successful in rendering the past, and discuss what works and why. There is one sense in which all of our most famous works are historical fiction, starting with Homer and the Bible, but our four novels will be recent publications. They have been arranged in pairs, two novels that start out in the West Indies, two novels that involve Europe and Japan.

Miller, Kei.  Augustown.                                February 25

Edugyan, Esi. Washington Black.                March 25

Moss, Sarah. Signs for Lost Children.         April 22

Lemmie, Asha. Fifty Words for Rain.           May 20

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