Summer Reading Program

This program is for kids entering grades Pre-K through 4th.

The Summer Reading Program can be completed from a distance- there is no need to come in to the library to participate. 


Every week we release a new BINGO board on our website and via email! We also will have print outs available at the library.

Fill out as many BINGOs as you can on the board and return it before the due date. You may email BINGO boards or put them in the drop box if you do not want to enter the library- you can tell us which prize boxes you want to enter.

The more BINGOs you do, the more entry tickets you have. (1 BINGO=1 Entry, 2 BINGOs=2 Entries, and so on)

Your board becomes your ticket. Photocopy your board for the number of BINGOs you have (or ask us to and we will). Then place them in whichever prize bin you want (again, we can also do that if you don’t want to come in).

Prizes are pulled every Thursday at 2 p.m.

If you go away for camp or vacation, don’t worry, you can still participate!

Simply email the library a picture of your board before the due date (which will be printed on the BINGO board) and tell us which prize bin you want it in.

Here is this week’s BINGO board! bingo board 6

This week’s (final) Prize Pack is being drawn Thursday, August 6th!

Thursday, August 6th—2:00—SUMMER READING PRIZE DRAWING #6—Water Fun Pack— This pack includes a slippy slide,a Super Soaker, a book about the inventor of the Super Soaker, 300 water balloons, a giant bubble set, a rainbow stunt streamer & a gift certificate to the House of Books !


Previous Prize Winners!


Summer Reading Rewards

This program is for kids entering grades 5th and up.

The Summer Reading Rewards can be completed from a distance- there is no need to come in to the library to participate.


The goal is to receive 8 points by the end of the program. If you get all 8 points, you earn a $25 VISA gift card.

To earn a point you need to: attend a teen program, volunteer in the community, or do a project.

To receive a Teen Log you can either print it from here, request that we email it to you or pick up a printed copy from the library.

If there’s any kind of project or volunteer opportunity that you’d like to do for a Summer Reading Reward, just email us your proposal and we’ll okay it!

Fill out the Teen Log as you go and make sure you hand it in before August 15th, 2020. You may email Teen Logs or put them in to the drop box if you do not want to enter the library.

If you are away at camp or on vacation, don’t worry! Email the log before the due date and you can still participate.