TAB Meeting! – Thursday, May 16th @ 3:30

Come with ideas for new programs and materials!

Grades 5th and up! Please Register.


TAB Book Club! – Thursday, May 16th @ 4:00

Nine, Ten: A September 11 Story by Nora Raleigh Baskin

Grades 5th and up! Please Register.



Teen Lip Sync Battle! – Friday, May 24th @ 7:00 

Come battle it out with your friends to be crowned the Lip Sync Battle Champions!

Work in teams to perfect a popular song and figure out how to use the challenging props to put on a prize winning performance.

You’ll be judged on creativity, entertainment, and more! There will be prizes!

Grades 5th and up! Please Register.


Four Three Two One  by Courtney Stevens
Golden “Go” Jennings wasn’t supposed to be on Bus 21 the day it blew up in New York City.
Neither was her boyfriend, Chandler.
But they were. And so was Rudy, a cute stranger Go shared a connection with the night before.

And Caroline, a girl whose silence ended up costing nineteen people their lives.

Though it’s been a year since the bombing,

Go isn’t any closer to getting over what happened.